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Terms & Conditions set out below govern use of services offered by PT. Tokoteknologi Mikroelektronik Nusantara related to usage warehouse.tokoteknologi.com site. Users are advised to read carefully because it can impact the rights and obligations of Users under the law.

By registering and / or using the warehouse.tokoteknologi.com site, then users are deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all fill in the Terms & Conditions. This Terms & Conditions constitutes the form of agreement set forth in a legal agreement between the User and PT. Tokoteknologi Mikroelektronik Nusantara. If the user does not agree any, part, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then users are not allowed to use the services at warehouse.tokoteknologi.com.


  1. PT Tokoteknologi Mikroelektronik Nusantara is a limited liability company that operates web portal service business activities warehouse.tokoteknologi.com, which is a search site shop and, Goods sold by registered sellers. Hereinafter referred to as Tokoteknologi.
  2. The Tokoteknologi's site is warehouse.tokoteknologi.com.
  3. Terms & Conditions are agreements between the User and the Tokoteknologi contains a set of rules governing rights, obligations, responsibilities answer users and Tokoteknologi, as well as procedures for using the Tokoteknologi 's service system.
  4. Users are parties who use Tokoteknologi's services, including but not limited to buyers, sellers and other parties who simply visit the Tokoteknologi 's Site.
  5. Buyers are registered users who make requests for goods sold by the Seller on the Tokoteknologi's Site.
  6. Seller is a registered user who takes action to open a shop and / or make an offer for an item to users of the Tokoteknologi 's site.
  7. Goods are objects that are tangible / have physical Goods that can be delivered / meet the shipping criteria by the company Goods delivery service.


  1. Buyers are required to transact through transaction procedures that have been established by Tokoteknologi. Buyers make payments with using the payment method previously selected by The Buyer, and then Tokoteknologi will forward the funds to the Seller when the stages of the buying and selling transaction on the Tokoteknologi's system have been completed.
  2. Currently make a purchase of goods, the buyer agrees that: a. Buyer is responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing information / description of the whole item (including but not limited to color, quality, function, etc.) before making bid or commitment to buy. b. Buyer acknowledges that the real color of the product as shown on the Tokoteknologi 's website depending on the Buyer's computer monitor. Tokoteknologi has done best efforts to ensure color in the photographs shown on The Tokoteknologi 's site appears as accurate as possible, but it cannot ensure that the appearance of the colors on the Tokoteknologi's Site will be accurate. c. User enter into legally binding contracts to purchase Goods when the User buys an item. d. Tokoteknologi does not divert legal ownership of the goods from the Seller to Buyers.
  3. Buyers understand and agree that the availability of goods in stock is the responsibility of the Seller who offers the Goods. Related stock availability of goods can change at any time, so that in the condition of the goods stock is empty, then the seller will reject the order, and Payment for the goods in question is returned to the Buyer.
  4. The buyer fully understand and agree that all transactions are conducted between the Buyer and the Seller other than through an Tokoteknologi 's Authorized Account and / or without the knowledge of Tokoteknologi (via private facilities / networks, message delivery, transaction arrangements specifically outside the Tokoteknologi's site or other efforts) is a the personal responsibility of the Buyer.
  5. Tokoteknologi has the full authority to refuse payment without prior notification.


  1. The seller is prohibited from manipulating the price of the Goods for any purpose.
  2. The seller prohibited from offering / trading prohibited goods in accordance with which has been stipulated by statutory regulations.
  3. Seller must provide complete and clear photos and product information in accordance with the conditions and quality of the products it sells. If There is a discrepancy between the photo and the uploaded product information by the Seller with the product received by the Buyer, Tokoteknologi has the right to cancel / withhold transaction funds.
  4. In using Facilities "Product Title", "Product Photo", "Notes" and "Description Products ", the seller is prohibited from making rules which are standard clauses do not comply with the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia, including but not limited to (i) not accepting complaints, (ii) do not accept returns (exchange of goods), (iii) do not accept refunds (refund), (iv) unsecured items, (v) diversion responsibility (including not limited to coverage of postage), (vi) depreciation of prices and (vii) random delivery of goods unilateral. If there is a conflict between the store records and / or product description with Terms & Conditions from Tokoteknologi, then applicable regulations is Tokoteknologi's Terms & Conditions.
  5. Seller obliged to provide a reply to accept or reject the order of goods the Buyer within 2 days from the notification orders for goods from Tokoteknologi. If it is not within the time limit there is a reply from the seller, the order will automatically be canceled.
  6. By maintain the convenience of the Buyer in the transaction, the Seller understands and agreed that Tokoteknologi reserves the right to moderate the Seller shop if the seller refuses, cancellations and / or does not respond orders for Goods belonging to Buyers with the suspicion of manipulating transactions, violation of the Terms and Conditions, and / or fraud or other abuse.